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RomaRo Ray-α Driver 9.5/10.5 Degrees R/S/SR/X Shaft

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Introducing Romaro Ray α ( Alpha ) Driver which comes with the Core system of new material cup face x new structure. Aim for maximum flight distance with high-quality impact.

High initial speed over the entire face. Equipped with a Quattro cup face with a geometric pattern that spreads on the back side

A new material, titanium-zirconium alloy (RZR446 titanium), jointly developed by Romero and a material manufacturer, is used for the cup face. The light, thin, strong, flexible, and sagging characteristics produce an extra weight by further reducing the weight, and realize a wide-area repulsive face of the Quattro design that leads to high initial speed and increased distance.

* Quattro Design is A four-stage thick design that supports the amateur golfer’s batting gap. The edge of the cup face is thin and the same thickness with the four corners raised to achieve greater deflection.

* RZR446 titanium is A new material, titanium zirconium alloy, jointly developed to reduce the weight and strength of the face. It is lighter and has higher strength than conventional titanium materials, and has moldability that can be processed to be flexible and complex shapes. Strong repelling characteristics are suitable for low swing speed golfers.

Strong and straight with square impact. New structure and core system aiming at individual maximum flight distance

At the moment of impact, the new “core system” aimed at “high-quality ball impact”, which allows the ball to hit the ball firmly without losing the face and body without losing the ball, and to push it out toward the target direction. The thin and lightweight face, the extra weight of the crown is concentrated on the core system, achieving a good center of gravity setting with a low, deep and large head. Aim for individual maximum flight distance with high launch proper spin, with cup face and crown deflection effect.

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