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RomaRo Ray-V Driver 9/10 Degrees R/S/SR/X Shaft

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Based on the structure of RomaRo proprietary titanium cup face + body, three-piece structure adopting thin forged titanium in the crown portion. By placing the excess weight of the thinned crown around the sole, we have a lower center of gravity and a larger sweet area. The high repulsion force that the cup face produces is efficiently transmitted to the ball, realizing a high trajectory of high initial velocity ball. In a deep and powerful form, a high-performance driver with a kindness.

High launch angle to extend flight distance, optimum spin.
Dual force pocket
By arranging two grooves in front of the sole (face side), the optimum center of gravity position and impact power are consolidated. The synergistic effect with the deflection of the crown by the 3 piece structure made it possible to achieve a stable trajectory with an extended flight distance with optimum launch and spin amount.

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