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Xxio MP1100 Driver 9.5/10.5 Degrees R/S/SR Flex MP1100 Shaft

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Fast, Forgiving, and Easy to Swing

If you swing at or below 90mph, added ball speed can transform how you play golf. With a wholly redesigned cup face structure and profoundly lightweight shaft, XXIO Eleven does this in spades.

A remarkable sole design is how we’ve added forgiveness, improving MOI and raising your launch angle for maximum distance.

XXIO Eleven also uses our Weight Plus system to actively modify your golf swing for noticeably improved consistency, ball striking, speed and control.


XXIO Eleven’s Driver uses a Star Frame rib structure to support a sole thickness of just .45mm, redistributing weight for improved launch and added forgiveness. Combined with a powerful yet normalized Cup Face that’s fastest on center strikes and miss-hits alike, you’ll enjoy incredible distance and straighter shots off every tee.


A uniquely shaped weight pad in the XXIO Eleven Woods and Hybrids resembles a cannon. The weight is there to provide the ideal launch characteristics for moderate swing speed golfers. But its distinctive cannon shape allows for up to 4mm of additional Cup Face along the sole and an extra 7mm of extremely thin sole area.

With zero compromise to launch angle or forgiveness, the Cannon Sole provides more speed and more distance, especially for shots hit low on the face.


XXIO Eleven features our most extreme Weight Plus system with our heaviest grip weights in each club. It provides the most powerful swing-improvement characteristics, drastically enhancing your top-of-swing consistency and downswing power.

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